Last Fall I started working on the Cloud Resume Challenge, and 2 attempts later, I finally ended up finishing it! I was familiar with AWS in a superficial sense when I started, and while parts of the challenge were familiar to me, some of it, especially using SAM to deploy the lambda function proved to quite tricky.

The official set of instructions can be found here, but how I approached solving this challenge is documented below:

Step 1: AWS Practioner Certification

This was a fairly simple exam to pass and I got this certification in August 2020. Auditing the free…

In this post, I list down the steps to host a simple static website on AWS. I will be hosting the website on AWS S3 Bucket and am using Hugo to generate my static site. Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators and has good community support, making it the logical choice.

The architecture of the system would look something like the one seen in the picture below:


Steps to get a static website up and running on AWS S3 Bucket:

1. Setup the site by referring to the getting started section in the following link

  1. First intall Python 3.6

sudo yum install python36

2. Update to pip3

sudo python3 -m pip install — upgrade pip

3. Install virtualenv using pip3

pip3 install virtualenv

4. Create a virtual environment. For this you need to switch to the project directory.

python3 -m venv venv

5. Step into the virtual environment using the following command:

. venv/bin/activate

Test Driven Development, to put it simply, is the development practice of developing tests before developing the feature implementation. It has gained popularity of late, but a lot of developers are yet to imbue their coding practice with this technique. A lot of inertia to adopting this technique mostly stems from a misunderstanding of the concept and short-sightedness. While using TDD may take a little more of your time, the benefits are plenty in the long term. In this article, I briefly demonstrate how to go about TDD.

Here’s how it goes:
1. Go through and understand the feature that you…

Rakshita Kaulgud

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